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At Updo Interior Design, Property Styling and Home-Staging, we have three areas of focus, all three strive to achieve a completed look of comfort, style, functionality, simplicity and flow, so whether you are giving your home a new look; home-staging your home for sale; or styling a development property, the feeling created will be one of wanting to live and spend time in the space.

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Calley Collins has always had a passion for property and interior design.  Her focus is on up-cycling and re-purposing existing pieces. In this way the completed look will represent the homeowners and pay homage to the sentimental value of well-loved items of furniture and decor.  In doing so, it will reflect you, rather than looking as if your home has been 'done'. 

Personalised and Efficient

We work to your timeline and budget. So, as you can see, there is no 'one size fits all' – each space is attended to with the due respect to it and the homte owners.

We will now deal with each focal area specifically


This means giving your home a fresh, new look with the best flow possible, where all family members and lifestyle are taken into consideration. Our strong focus here is to up-cycle what you already have. We have always felt that there is an innate fear or skepticism regarding using an interior designer. The first fear being: Will my home no longer have the feel and look that represents me and my family, and the second being cost. We are in favour of up-cycling your treasured pieces and giving them a new position, look or feel, rather than buying into consumerism and transience. The durability, craftmanship and quality of old pieces can seldom affordably be replaced today – and your home will still feel like your home, simply with a new, updated image, flow and functionality. We also take budget and affordability into consideration, and as far as possible, work within that.


Home staging is the process of styling a home for sale in such a way that it stands out from others on the market, and appeals to a wide audience. Often an inexpensive tweak can add a lot of perceived value.A ‘buy’ or ‘don’t buy’ decision is often made based on a first impression. If the initial impression of the property is favourable, potential buyers walk through the home thinking positive thoughts. They will be looking for reasons to reinforce their positive feelings – reasons to purchase the home.On the other hand if the first impression is negative, the buyer goes through the house with a mind-set that says, “Show me why I should change my first impression and buy this house,” Now the buyer has to be turned around – a much harder job. To make matters worse, longevity on the market usually means one thing: reduction in price.A good home stager, on the other hand, gets to know the home buying market in order to assess who will most likely be interested in the property.Staging aims to make the home memorable to buyers and presents them with a ‘ready-to-move-in’ property. It in no way should be used to cover up, conceal, misguide or mislead buyers. The staging process highlights the home’s strengths and downplays its shortcomings through the use of sound design principles.In other words, you are ‘setting the stage’ for a potential buyer to fall in love with the house and buy it. The service can also be used for photography prior to a listing.


In a newly developed property, it is often difficult for prospective buyers to visualise how a new property will look furnished, and how the spaces will work together. We will furnish the house with the basics in order to overcome this.


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