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Work with the children was very inspiring for me

I volunteered at Little Lambs from October to December 2014. I was in the Orange Class (3 to 4 year olds) with teacher Gloria. I really enjoyed the time at Little Lambs and the work with the children was very inspiring for me.

What I like most about Little Lambs is that it allows the children the chance to have a real childhood. While many of us from more privileged backgrounds can take such things for granted, Little Lambs gives these children, from difficult or poorer backgrounds, the opportunity to experience the 'normal' childhood that they might not otherwise have. They can play outside in the “park” on the slides and the swings; they can draw, listen to stories, learn about the days of the week, months, the alphabet, etc.

The facilities at Little Lambs like the house, the individual classrooms, the toilets and the playground are great. Furthermore I felt that all the teachers are very warm-hearted and that even though there are times when they need to be firm with the children, the general atmosphere remained joyful and caring.

As part of the daily routine at Little Lambs, and together with Gloria’s help, I was able to teach the children some new games, read them stories, etc. The moments I enjoyed most were when Gloria and I went to the park with the children and played games with them outside. All the children love the park and so we often spent a lot of time there. One day, Gloria and I taught the children how to do a relay race. At the beginning they did not understand what to do but in the end they loved it and it worked well. Playing games is such a wonderful way for children to learn and they were always very excited.

The real highlights of my time at Little Lambs were during events like the summer concert or the graduation when the children were given opportunities to show their parents what they had learned. It gave me a real feeling of joy when I saw the commitment of the teachers as they prepared a performance with the children as well as the pride of the children when they had learned their part and they could perform in front of their families.