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I want what's best for my kids

Like every parent, I want what's best for my kids. I wish for them to have a better life than I did and I hope for a better and brighter future. I know that a good education is the key, but a township is a hard place to raise a kid.

My wife and I both have to work to earn the money our family needs to survive. We travel a long way on busses and taxis and so we both leave early and come home late. Our house is often cold and damp. My kids share a room with us and the rest of the family and we often don't have electricity so they never really rest properly or get a chance to do homework. It's hard for me to buy healthy and nutritious food each day and the streets aren't always safe to play on.

We need someone to look after our kids while we're at work and in the old days we used leave our kids with their gran during the day. They really liked that but in the end it's actually not that good for them. They waste their time hanging around inside, watching TV or playing on the streets. Their gran doesn't speak English so she can't help them to learn or grow up. She only cooks pap and often gives them sweets or other junk food to eat. She loves them but she's not the best person to give them an education.

Since we've started sending our kids to Little Lambs a lot has changed. At Little Lambs we know our children are safe and properly looked after. They can stay at school the whole day, with all the care they need, until we can fetch them in the evenings. The food they get there is healthy and nutritious, which is more then we could give them, and we can already see how they look healthier since they've been going there. They've also learned about healthy food and even we are learning from them about what's good for you and what's not.

We can't believe how much they've learned over the last few years. Our kids can read and write and they know songs and stories. They know how to go to the toilet by themselves and how to keep their hands clean. Soon we will be learning from them! It also feels like our kids get sick less often - because the school is warm and because they have good food and good habits.

We have to pay each month for our children to go the school, but we believe that its worth it and the cost is low enough that even we can afford it. It's been amazing to see how they've changed since they feel safe and loved at school. They are confident and happy and its so nice for us to see that when we get home and see them. We love going to the school events like the graduation and concerts where we can see how much they've learned and grown. We never believed how much our kids would be able to do and they make us very proud.

After Little Lambs we hope to find a decent Primary School for them to go to so they can continue their education and their own journey toward a better life.